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Architectonic transformation

Architectonic transformation


This loft stands on the site of a former tank repair shop in Salzburg, Austria. Its design, by the architecture firm Smartvoll, is the result of participation in an international competition in which it is awarded.

If we would have to describe this building in Salzburg, Austria, in one sentence, it would be: a house full of natural light where there is a very special playwright atmosphere. However, this is a spontaneous architectural dramaturgy. Indeed, on 350 m2 and two floors, the Smartvoll studio reinterprets the loft: the architecture is non-existent at the level of the facades, but rather it reveals itself in every interior corner. “We wanted to revitalize the original charm of the place, retain its generosity and develop the experience of space.” Luster concrete is the key material in shaping the interior. The light also spreads over two floors, thanks to an open area devoid of partitions. The kitchen, hidden under the sculptural work of the staircase, enlivens the space. Made of lava stone, it extends over the two terraces and is intended to be multifunctional, a work and communication area, where the senses are satisfied above all. As for the bathroom, it has a transparent shower tray that protrudes from the floor, giving the bather the impression of floating 4 meters above the ground with a view of the whole apartment. In short, a land of discovery, serving to accentuate the original dramatic atmosphere of the place, reconverted into a residence full of life.

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