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An unparalleled home in Nova Lima, Brazil

An unparalleled home in Nova Lima, Brazil


In the land of samba, the agency Tetro Arquitetura has created an exceptional residence, anchored on the heights of Nova Lima. With a sublime view overlooking the surroundings, it offers beautiful volumes flooded with light in a decor that combines taste and refinement. Discovery.

In Brazil, nestled in the heart of lush vegetation in Nova Lima, this extraordinary residence, designed by the architects of the Tetro Arquitetura studio, has something to envy. Placed on a sloping and steep terrain, in an ultra-preserved area, it is out of the ordinary, thanks to its impressive and atypical geometry, focused on the immense longitudinal concrete slab that covers it and gives it the astonishing sensation of floating. Imagined in such a way as to blend into its wild environment while marrying the abrupt topography of the site, the house, while transparency and lightness, offers, from its roof terraces and its completely open-plan interior thanks to large bay windows, views magnificent on the mountains as well as on the city of Belo Horizonte. Resting only on two pillars, the concrete panel, intended to act as a very light component, delimits the main entrance and the garage while framing the breathtaking panorama. Cleverly furnished, decorated without excess in tones that invite serenity, the private spaces are located under the ground floor, while the main rooms, located upstairs just below the inclined segment of the slab, open on nature, which allows daylight to bathe the place abundantly.

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