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An off-grid guesthouse with views of the Pacific Ocean

An off-grid guesthouse with views of the Pacific Ocean


Located in a coastal area in California and created by the ANACAPA architectural firm in collaboration with Willson Design, this house illustrates a successful balance between residential development and ecological preservation. Hidden by its low profile and green roof, it offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding hills.

Nestled on a steep ridge in a wildlife preserve in California, this house is the result of a collaboration between architectural firm ANACAPA and Willson Design. Designed to have a low visual impact on the landscape and cantilevering above the sheer rock face of the cliff, its sliding glass partitions and vast terraces offer magnificent views of the canyon neighboring. Elementary, the property is made with materials that integrate perfectly with the panorama, such as steel, concrete and glass. Completely off-grid, located in an isolated area with no electricity, it is 100% powered by a photovoltaic energy system with LED lighting and low-consumption appliances, to reduce energy demand. With a private well and a water treatment structure, wastewater is directed to a septic tank. Additionally, the space includes a combination of radiant floor heating and cross ventilation thanks to the abundance of functional sliding glass. An insulating green roof regulates interior temperatures and helps the residence blend into its environment, for maximum comfort, far from the noise of the city and daily worries.

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