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An oasis in the city

An oasis in the city


In Los Angeles, in the United States, on a promontory above Sunset Boulevard, the south african architecture studio SAOTA is building a remarkable residence, the design of which is conceived more as a stand-alone asylum than a conventional house, in order to maximize the panoramic potential of the site.

On 1,850 square meters of land offering a 300-degree perspective of the Los Angeles skyline and the city below, the architectural firm SAOTA imagines an extraordinary home by making the most of its context. So the team, made up of leading designers Mark Bullivant, Philip Olmesdahl, Alwyn De Vos, Eugene Olivier and Conrad Martin, showcases the stunning view, through careful placement of solid walls, and extensive use of glass. In line with SAOTA’s extensive experience in the development of open living spaces, at its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, where the climate and topography are very similar to those of Los Angeles, the designers envision the project as a series of living rooms connected to large terraces. These outdoor spaces are in turn surrounded by a huge undulating infinity pool and lush landscaping that wraps around the perimeter, protecting the construction of neighboring properties and providing privacy with climbing ficus trees. This generous allocation of outdoor living spaces connects the building to contemporary Los Angeles architecture, the foundations of which are derived from its mild climate.

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