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An innovative house design in Brazil

An innovative house design in Brazil


Located in Nova Lima, Brazil, this villa, by Tetro Arquitetura, is set in a huge, complex plot of land, with stone walls from an old building, indigenous forest, grassy plateaus and spectacular mountain views. The project is the result of extensive design research, which excavated a response to all these site characteristics. The new elements are implemented as brilliant pieces contrasting with the rusticity of the walls and the existing dense vegetation.

The starting point for Tetro Arquitetura was the search for the best view and the desire to intensify the contact of residents with nature. With this in mind, the design of this house in Nova Lima, Brazil, is developed so that the main volume is located just above the level of the stone walls and the program is divided into three sectors, or “peaks”. The area where the two main suites are located is elevated 6 meters above the ground, offering a panoramic view of the mountains. The other two “points” are built on a plateau formed by the old stone walls and house the guest rooms, the office, the kitchen and the entire internal social area. The residence, with its unique shape, embraces the back space of the site and its dense vegetation, while a separate entity in the forest contains the spa, a sauna, changing rooms, a rest area and a gym. Designed to be independent of the residence, the spa occupies the empty areas between the trees, avoiding suppression. Thick, irregularly shaped concrete pillars support the main body of the building. It is within these organic elements that some of the bathrooms, stairs, elevator and service rooms are located. On the lower floor, above ground level, the recreation area offers direct access to a cave, which has been transformed into a wine cellar. This same landing also includes the pool and a generous outdoor expanse, where residents can relax in the sun.

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