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An idyllic retreat in Kauai, Hawaii

An idyllic retreat in Kauai, Hawaii

Designed by American firm Walker Warner Architects, this residence is located on Kauai, Hawaii, the northernmost of the large islands making up the tropical archipelago. Surrounded by palm trees, adding privacy along the entrance, it has a backyard with a pool that overlooks the ocean and a popular public beach.

Walker Warner Architects unveils the ultimate Hawaiian beach retreat with this home set amidst a mature palm landscape and easy access to Kauai Beach. Designed to accommodate family and friends in a relaxed, open atmosphere, the residence consists of a main house and a guest house, with each L-shaped volume showcasing the quintessential indoor-outdoor lifestyle: huge doors and sliding walls, high, airy ceilings, custom rain screens, open spaces and deep overhangs offering respite from the sun and rain, which is common in the region. Even the furnishings are as casual as possible. The large sofas and side tables are equipped with casters, making it easier to move them from place to place as needed. The guest house has more modest proportions than the main house, with added perks such as a recreation room with a pool table, bar and gym. Materials and elements reflect the islands’ geological and cultural history in the construction, including sand and volcanic rock for the exterior and wood for the ceilings and custom cabinetry. The inviting interiors, provided by Stone Interiors, embody the architecture itself through gorgeous finishes in the furniture. Layered tropical plants frame inside and out, transitioning to a softer palette by the beach. Social interactions tend to take place around the large courtyard and pool, a friendly space where one can be in union with the beach. “It was important that you could always feel the beach from anywhere on the property”, notes Ron Lutsko Jr. of landscape design studio Lutsko Associates.

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