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An extraordinary residence in fusion with nature in South Africa

An extraordinary residence in fusion with nature in South Africa


This brutalist villa, designed by Metropole Architects, is formal proof that contemporary architecture knows no limits. Built in South Africa, in Summerveld, this sanctuary with a strong personality is composed of a private house and an equestrian center.

In Summerveld, South Africa, half an hour inland from the port city of Durban, in the lush Shongweni Hills, lies a modern structure with a brutalist feel, by Metropole Architects. Reflecting a spectacularly bold aesthetic, it spans 4 hectares and houses both a contemporary residence and an equestrian center named after the Scottish seaside town from which the owner’s family hails. An architectural masterpiece, the building stands out for its exceptional innovative design, simple layout and monolithic linear forms. Carefully designed to interact with the exterior, the interior, conceived as a serene setting, draws its strength from a few key elements, such as the double-volume ceiling with triangulated slabs, the prominent V-shaped column and the floating staircase inspired by the Googie art movement and style. During the course of the work, the designers were faced with a double challenge: first, the development of the site, and second, the architecture. The residential and equestrian components had to remain functional according to their respective private and public uses, while obtaining a single building. Moreover, the introduction of a modernist building in a rustic environment requires a rather rigorous approach. From the outset, it was important to preserve the site as much as possible and to fully integrate the architecture with the rough terrain. The result is breathtaking.

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