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An elegantly suspended home in Mexico

An elegantly suspended home in Mexico


We fell in love with this house literally suspended in the air. Located in Morelia, Mexico, it stands out for its exceptional architecture, designed to capture the stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. At the helm of this remarkable project, the architectural firm RRZ Arquitectos and the Spanish firm Vondom.

It is in Mexico, in the splendid colonial city of Morelia, that the architecture studio RRZ Arquitectos implements a dream house. Firmly anchored on its rocky promontory, it communicates freely with the surrounding peaks. Composed of generous and open volumes that fit into each other, the prestigious villa, surrounded by huge bay windows, dominates the valley. Featuring its breathtaking setting, it is designed to blend in as much as possible with its natural surroundings. Spreading its wings on three levels, two of which are set up on stone, while the third hangs on a column wall, the building seems to float in the air. Ecological, it includes photovoltaic and solar panels, a water recycling mechanism, as well as a complete home automation system. Expertly furnished by Vondom, the airy interior, bathed in light, favors space. Unity of tones and materials, designer furniture with clean lines, few objects and works on the walls, but large openings, like living tableaux, revealing a changing landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. The exterior is divided between terraces, verandas, gardens and a swimming pool to be used according to the mood of the day. Far from everything, this magnificent refuge offers a luxurious but above all serene parenthesis, far from the noise of the city.

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