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An astonishing monochrome residence

An astonishing monochrome residence


Multidisciplinary firm DKA has completed the design of a stunning 635 m2 private residence in Terrebone, Canada. The house, which follows a classic rural model, was built for a young family with two young children. The color white and the large windows adopted to extend the garden into the interior are the building’s guiding lines.

Designed by DKA for a couple and their two children, the dwelling is set on extensive farmland in Terrebone, Canada. Inspired by the vernacular of the landscape, it reflects the family’s current lifestyle, while nodding to the original occupation. The project’s respect for integration stems from the use of light coloration, both in the exterior cladding and the roof, drawn from the characteristics of the surrounding buildings. The choice of fenestration with refined tiling is a revival of the old buildings of yesteryear. Set back from the street, the residence is distanced from noise. The resulting intimacy and calm are a perfect symbiosis with nature. In fact, it’s accessible by a long private road. Spaces are laid out in three volumes based on the functional program and geographical orientation of the site. The circulation is designed to be fluid and symmetrical, emphasizing the contribution of natural light and the experience of a temporal journey throughout the day. Various ceiling heights are transformed to suit the desired spatial relationship. The entrance is marked by the contrast between the transparency of the all-glass partition and the opacity of the projecting roof. The garage is closed and concealed, while the living area is completely open, creating an almost permeable relationship between inside and outside. The volume of the bedrooms is punctually open, offering precisely structured visual breakthroughs, while preserving the desired privacy. The alignment of each architectural part recalls the neat and tidy organization of agricultural fields, optimizing the spatial quality of the house.

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