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A well thought out meticulous design

A well thought out meticulous design

Nestled in the midst of a vast 6,967 m2 verdant lot, this residence in India, designed by Dipen Gada and Associates, is a spectacular architectural delight with clean, bold lines defining its glory.

The design of this property in India, by Dipen Gada and Associates, ensures minimal heat, natural light and maximum ventilation flooding all of its areas. Without additional floor plate, the building expands on the ground, housing four bedrooms, each with not only its own private balcony but also a spacious bathroom, a sumptuous living room, a zen courtyard by its placement and design and a family space overlooked by a luxurious swimming pool opening onto a large garden. The Corten steel facade is a synthesis of plastered and textured walls and voids encompassing Corten steel jali which rhymes with the playful character of the trees encompassing the site. The entrance is located in the center, so as to encourage the visitor to walk along the path guarded by a body of water on either side, which makes the whole Mediterranean experience. The main door opens onto a passage which overlooks the courtyard and gives a glimpse of the enormous living room naturally lit by a light reddening the few walls. Added to this is interesting sciography throughout the day with pergolas per skylight.

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