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A villa in Bali

A villa in Bali

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Located at the southern point of the cliff of Uluwatu Surf Villas, an area dedicated to surfing in Bali, this villa stands between forest and views of the eagle’s nest over the Indian Ocean. A collaboration between Alexis Dornier and Tim Russo, who is disconcerting with his cool enigmatic design.

It all starts with a field with trying limits. The goal is to create a four-bedroom residence, which offers visitors peace and privacy, while being open to the ocean surrounding Bali. This is how Alexis Dornier and Tim Russo designed a polygonal construction. The ceiling, like an angular wave in constant ebb and flow, soars and then lowers. In doing so, it forms a shade structure suspended on the terrace. Semi-open, it offers a playful transition between interior and exterior. The rooms also benefit from the folds of the roof, which give them a unique design and a protective character. To raise the originality of the concept and stay in harmony with the atmosphere of the island, the architects use a new and limited palette of materials: recycled teak from Java, recycled ironwood from Kalimantan, terrazzo, andesite and local limestone rock. The latter, cut into large individual blocks of different shapes, contrasts with the rigorous geometry of the wood in the vaults. It thus completes the puzzle effect of the house, accentuated by the furniture specially designed to accommodate the eccentric indentations of the cells. Beyond the living room and the dining room in open plan, through large bays, the swimming pool is the last salient composition of the panorama, before the curves of the vegetation and the sea take their right.

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