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A triplex in Geneva

A triplex in Geneva

A triplex in Geneva image

It is in the peripheral region of Geneva, in Switzerland, that the Italian architecture office Damilano Studio Architects imagined a magnificent private residence, located on a medium height plot, from where one can enjoy a view exceptional on the city and the lake.

On an 830 m2 plot, located in the heights of Geneva, Switzerland, the Italian office Damilano Studio Architects, under the direction of Duilio Damilano, with the collaboration of architects Enrico Massimino and Alberto Pascale, designed an extraordinary triplex by 435 m2. The plot plan is oriented north-south, but the facade of the building had to be moved along a different axis, in order to conform to the configuration of the land. The construction is arranged on three levels: the first dedicated to the kitchen, the living room and the guest bedroom, while the upper floor includes the master suite and a studio. As for the basement, it houses a garage with two parking spaces. The three floors are connected by a concrete staircase, in a single open space going from the entrance to the roof. The roof is covered with sedum, a succulent plant that improves the energy efficiency of the villa. Particular emphasis is placed on the greenery all around the house, where there are various kinds of flower beds. Along the external stairs that lead to the living room, three large Corten tubs contain trees, bushes and lavender, forming a garden of wonderful olfactory and chromatic sensations.

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