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A structural feat between heaven and earth

A structural feat between heaven and earth


In Quebec’s magnificent Eastern Townships, on the shores of prestigious Lake Memphremagog, stands this residence designed by MU Architecture, a firm renowned for its avant-garde, large-scale projects. The house’s bold contemporary architecture and slender massing are a real eye-catcher.

Located on the shores of Lake Memphremagog, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships region, this sublime home by MU Architecture takes up part of the footprint of the existing residence of yesteryear. Its main axis, both interior and exterior in addition to acting as a vertical circulation, connects the garage to the residence via a roof structure serving as a carport. From the front door, through the lobby, stairwell and pool, the eye is drawn to the lake. The approach is discreet and peaceful, as if entering a spa, and the layout reveals only part of the large volume. The natural stone masses of the external walls conceal the spaces, thanks to a very precise finish, and ensure the privacy of the occupants. The roof is an immense play of folds. This unique rendering of the exterior is revealed inside by a series of triangulations in the wooden ceilings. These are projected as soffits on the outside, to extend the view towards the landscape. The kitchen is designed to be functional for a family on a day-to-day basis, but suitable for a chef and his team during large-scale entertaining. It blends seamlessly with the rest of the furnishings, thanks to walnut panels covering the entire west side of the living area. They also enclose a dining area, a library and part of a double lounge. In the middle, the central fireplace, resting on a solid mass of granite, blends into the decor and the warmth of the wood. Designed to seat up to twenty-four, the custom-built dining room table is a centerpiece, running parallel to the kitchen island and floor-to-ceiling windows, and offering impressive views of the bay. On the main level, the living areas open onto a veranda, laundry room, checkroom and powder room. The first floor features a TV lounge with fireplace, a workout room, a spa area with dry sauna and whirlpool bath, and three bedrooms adjacent to two full bathrooms and a games room. The horizontal axis of the building separates the technical and mechanical rooms from the main living spaces, allowing occupants to enjoy natural light and views of the surrounding landscape. This design program allows guests to connect with their surroundings, while ensuring user comfort and the fluidity of the site. This same axis, which follows the angles dictated by the site’s topography, gives birth to a protected courtyard in which most outdoor activities are concentrated. The meticulous detailing, rich materials and mastery of lines, worthy of a grand hotel, exude a soothing sense of lightness. A reinforced concrete formwork for the swimming pool seems to levitate above the ground. Another special feature is the glass section at the end of the pool, which extends the perspective during a swim, giving the impression that the pool is flowing into the lake…

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