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A strikingly original residence

A strikingly original residence


Surrounded by a vast olive grove, this 410 m2 house, designed by the architectural firm Gonzalez-Malama, is located in the heart of Kalamata, Messinia, Greece. The lush greenery blends perfectly with the urban fabric, creating a luxurious living atmosphere between indoors and out.

Known for its original environment, Kalamata is home to this property designed by the architectural firm Gonzalez-Malama according to the passive building standard. The street façade is treated with a hard boundary, acting as a visual barrier towards the interior, passing from the city to the domestic and natural environment. All service areas are aligned along this boundary, and their northerly orientation proved beneficial for passive building conditions. On the south side, large openings in the eaves regulate incoming solar radiation according to the seasonal requirements of the Greek climate. The geometric structure of the dwelling comprises three irregular horizontal zones. The base, which contains the basement, outdoor spaces and swimming pool, appears as a geological formation of rough, untreated stone, becoming a pedestal to support the consecutive levels of the residence. The middle level, on the first floor, takes the form of a vast off-white volume with characteristic openings whose morphology is reminiscent of a typical house, though these are subverted by the functional voids they contain. Finally, the crown of the building is materialized by a perforated veil, embracing the private areas on the upper floor like a nest perched on the hard volumes. The “branches” motif is found throughout, as a reference to nature and the nest, marking the identity of the premises. The oversized vents have a beneficial impact on the indoor climate, providing heat in winter and blocking solar radiation in summer.

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