A sophisticated fusion of nature and modernity in Cape Town


Multidisciplinary interior design and decorating studio ARRCC has brought new life to a contemporary Cape Town house, set on a beautiful wooded site at the foot of Table Mountain. The additions seamlessly merge with the existing architecture, originally designed by architect Antonio Zaninovic, while simultaneously reinforcing a powerful connection to the surrounding landscape and stunning city views.

A testament to the design finesse of interior architecture firm ARRCC in Cape Town, South Africa, this villa is a contemporary masterpiece blending into its natural environment. Perched at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain, it is undergoing a stunning transformation, combining new elements with the original architecture. The creation of a garden pavilion and the conversion of an upper floor bedroom into a luxurious suite illustrate sophistication and a thoughtful approach. The design not only complements the existing structure, but also reinforces its powerful relationship with the picturesque surroundings and stunning city views. The designers’ priority is to capture the essence of the juxtaposition between modern architectural forms. And the organic presence of the mountainside reflects an “urban complex” philosophy. The pavilion concept includes enclosed and outdoor spaces, such as a bar, dining area and lounge, whilst incorporating bespoke features, designed in collaboration with skilled craftsmen including Martin Doller and blacksmith Barry Ashmole. The interiors exude an aura of barefoot luxury, with ARRCC’s Afro-minimalist touch evident in the use of raw concrete ceilings and stone walls, and a balance of smooth marble, bleached woods and brushed metals. The expertly layered textures, muted color palette and glamorous accents intertwine to create a space that exudes both sophistication and comfort. The dedicated approach to every detail, from the custom bed units to the carefully curated interiors, results in a place that encapsulates a contemporary African design narrative. This residence celebrates sumptuousness and presents an inspiring fusion of nature and modern living.

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