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A sales office for real estate in China

A sales office for real estate in China

A sales office for real estate in China image

In Heze City, in the province of Shandong, in China, the Chinese architecture studio AOE has designed a sales office for real estate of a new type, at the same time innovative, futuristic and efficient, called courtyard N°1 and aiming the development of new markets.

As China’s urbanization continues at high speed, real estate developers are entering new markets. In Heze City, Shandong Province, the architecture studio AOE, under the direction of Larry Wen and with the collaboration of Huo Mingwang, Frank Li, Du Jing, Liu Chen, Yang Kaiqi, Chang Xiaodan and Niu Zhuojun, designed an extraordinary real estate sales office, called Courtyard N°1, spanning 1,560 m². The project is designed to be a flagship building in the future development of the city of Heze. The architectural concept is based on physical space in the digital age, where many actions take place in the virtual world. Consequently, objects are intended there to float in an unstable state. In a rich movement of interaction, some collide with the partitions and leave traces behind. The facade of the building is made of glass, which makes the furniture, materials and colors visible from the inside to the outside. Metal panels, of stainless steel of different reflectivity, are used, dressing the various surfaces with a shimmering variety of shades and reflections. Visitors to this magical place will be able to experience changes in light and shade at all times.


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