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A retreat in contact with nature

A retreat in contact with nature


There’s something uniquely magical about California’s northern coast, where wildflower-covered cliffs meet the Pacific and gray whales seasonally leap from the waves. This landscape provided a dynamic setting for San Francisco-based Walker Warner Architects to create a home for a couple with nostalgic ties to their East Coast roots and a new desire to embrace more contemporary, minimalist living.

Set on a scenic plateau, a cliff covered in wildflowers and windblown grasses, this sprawling residence is like a geode with an exterior steeped in classic America, which hides a clean, luxurious interior. The asymmetrical pitched roof, shingled siding, and shed dormers all reference the classic Cape Cod style, while the extensive glass and sleek modern interiors place this home in the modern design line. Walker Warner architects have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to apply their style to different environments, drawing on cultural and geographic terrain to create seamless homes that meet the needs of refinement, relaxation and regular use. Through Lutsko Associates’ landscape architecture, the home appears to rise from the coastal plain. A median zone of green shrubs and raised beds creates a verdant perimeter to define the property without clashing with it. The functional interior design, by Kristi Will Design, includes standout pieces like jewel-toned chairs in the contemplative reading nooks, a futuristic crystal dining table and a table with a topographic-like relief. The colorful stone backsplashes in the kitchen and bathrooms bring a light touch and commitment to color, which is echoed in the wall hangings in the elegant garage housing the client’s luxury vehicles. The magnificent spiral staircase leading to the rooftop terrace features custom glass steps. At night, the dramatic effect is multiplied by the lighting of integrated fiber optic lamps that transform each step into an illuminated block of ice. In the living room, the sleek, white material palette is renewed by the dynamic art of Leo Villareal’s LED installation, which evolves hues in rotating shades from the yellow of the rising sun to the blue of dusk. Fantastic elements are everywhere, complementing the sublime views of the coastal sky while maintaining a simple color scheme as in the main staircase and bedrooms. The end result is a deeply personal home that balances tradition and modernity while celebrating the raw beauty of the California coastline.

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