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A penthouse with a minimalist style

A penthouse with a minimalist style


Designed by SAOTA with interior architecture by ARRCC, this five-apartment beachfront building is located in the southern suburbs of Athens, at the entrance to the Athenian Riviera. It overlooks the beach and the Aegean Sea with breathtaking views of Aegina and the distant hills of Poros, while the Hymettus mountain rises behind it.

The Glyfada residential project occupies a corner site on the front line of the promenade overlooking one of the local beaches. It includes four apartments located on either side of a triple-volume arrival hall, which leads to landscaped gardens with twin pools at the front. A two-story penthouse, organized around an imposing central volume, spans the width of the podium on the upper floor, set back from the edge of the building. Its size responds to the scale of the unobstructed views, while motorized sliding glass doors and movable screens sink into the walls, blurring the distinction between interior and exterior. The facade features a layered approach with extensive glazing, recessed columns, and movable screens that moderate bright maritime light and provide privacy, while allowing interiors to open to views. The rear facade is solid and contrasting with perforated openings to shield from neighbors. The front one emphasizes the interplay of horizontal and vertical planes. The crisp white finishes and almost classical symmetrical proportions reflect a contemporary architectural approach rooted in the local Mediterranean tradition, adapted to the climate, but expressed in the language of timeless minimalism. The client sought a multipurpose, art gallery-like residence that is intimate when guests are not present, but capable of hosting social gatherings. The overall design is light. The living spaces embody a skillful interplay between different elements, where planes overlap, connect and complement each other. The living room and dining room are concealed on either side. The kitchen, located behind the dining room, can be enclosed. An additional family room or guest room is located behind the living room. All bedrooms are on either side of the double volume on the second floor. Recessed sliding doors open to a large area and, when closed, provide privacy. The palette of natural materials such as wood and stone is articulated throughout the interior, with white elements and accented by bronze details, such as the fiber cement “eyebrow” framing the upper two-story volume. Inside and outside, the planes are horizontal and vertical. Inside, walls, screens and closets are simplified into clean lines. Details are reduced to clean surfaces, seamlessly integrated cabinets, uninterrupted ceilings and large sandstone floor tiles. A sober and refined design for the building and its terrace.

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