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A modern building with a balanced style


Nestled in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, USA, this family residence combines elegance and balance. Crafted by M Gooden Design, it is infused with a captivating positive energy and provides wellness and relaxation. It brings together contemporary architectural ideologies and traditional design beliefs.

Influenced by the Indian Vastu Shastras system of architecture and clad in precast concrete, weathered steel and gray basalt stones, the exterior façade of the house combines serenity and peace. On the other hand, the polished stucco and the zinc composite panel complete its original look defined by M Gooden Design. Integrating architecture with nature, the symmetry, direct alignments, spatial geometry and delicate details make this project fascinating. The modern structure of the building, with wooden trusses, combines light bays with load-free walls for a bright interior. Moreover, the sun streams in and the attractive architectural lines pleasantly draw the warmth of the home. On the other hand, a minimalist approach to the interior demonstrates the precise details of the home’s combination. The shimmering colored armchairs soak the senses and let a comfortably peaceful atmosphere float by. Behind a curtain of glass partitions, stands the majestic entrance with its imposing staircase, an invitation to visit this magical place. Discover the residence: an exterior worthy of the most beautiful terraces, enriched by the blue pool and the green trees with armchairs to enjoy the moment. From the outside in, there is a love of family and an attraction to entertainment, as well as a peaceful isolation that is equally important to the residents. It is a combination of public and private spaces with a beauty that calms the mind.


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