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A masterpiece with an original concept

A masterpiece with an original concept


Located in the Puembo region on the outskirts of Quito, Ecuador, between the Chiche and Guambi rivers, this property is a unique concept of harmonious flow between spaces and environment. With its special footprint, it was built by Najas Arquitectos on a sloping site overlooking a ravine.

Najas Arquitectos took up the design challenge, creating a house in Quito, Ecuador, with an architectural program of 70% on the second floor, in sloping topographical conditions, while allowing the interior garden to be largely flat and fluidly connected to indoor and outdoor activities. To achieve this, the internal functionality exceeds the owners’ requirements, to arrive at a deeper understanding of everyday choreography through historical environmental movement. Embellishing the residence, a longitudinal circulation path, partially interrupted by two small gardens, links the three volumes. The seamless horizontal blend of inside and outside is magnificent. When the glazing opens and the barriers are lifted, all the fluidity of the volume inspires a timeless, versatile formal language that transcends passing trends. In addition, the residence is an ensemble of reinforced concrete, steel and teak wood elements, for a simple, rich and honest palette. It is also distinguished by its sloping volumetric progression, reflecting not only the profile of the street, but also relating to the building itself, while preserving, as far as possible, the local trees. The building is a halo of peace and freedom, in a verdant atmosphere between two adjoining rivers.

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