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A manor house gets a makeover

A manor house gets a makeover


In Italy, in the Po Valley, a traditional manor house is renovated according to today’s codes. In the hands of the architects of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, it has become a place rich in elegance and life, where modernity meets old-fashioned charm. This is a property that many would dream of.

The owners of the property entrusted SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* with the renovation of their residence, located in Italy, in the Po Valley. They wanted to transform their 2,000 m2 manor house into three large, modern, separate residences that would accommodate the three members of the family line who would stay there together, accompanied by their respective families. During the course of the work, the designers took the unique approach of bringing a touch of contemporary class and functionality to the house, keeping it current without losing its old-world charm. The project involves not only changing the interiors of the original villa, but also reinterpreting the architectural structure. Three loft-style duplex apartments were created following a new distribution scheme that was completely reinvented. In doing so, they ensured that each of these three units had its own character, but that the aesthetics and beauty of the whole remained consistent. In the process, they opted for a minimalist style to better accentuate the architectural features of the property and reduced the use of furnishings to keep the space from becoming too cluttered.

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