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A jewel of luxury

A jewel of luxury


Located in India, in the city of Surat, this property is designed by studio Essteam. Focusing on technical solutions and eco-sustainable construction approaches, the design frame house benefits from the characteristics of a low-energy building.

Designed by the architectural firm Essteam, this high standing residence is erected on a plot of 1,170 m2, part of a closed complex in the newly developed areas of the city of Surat, in the state of Gujarat, in western India. Intended for a family of four, the villa, with geometric lines and interlocking volumes, is built around two open spaces: a lawn and an interior courtyard. The public block consists of a singular glass box housing the living room, dining room and kitchen. It is flanked by long verandas on either side, facilitating circulation and climatic comfort. A gently sloping copper volume floats above the dining room, housing the family room. Beyond the common entity, it is possible to climb a few steps to access the much more intimate domain, which is organized around four bedrooms themselves built around a courtyard. A long traffic tunnel, whose axial movement is defined by copper sheets, runs along public areas and crosses private rooms. In terms of materials, the residence is linked to a natural palette. The floor is a combination of large, polished Kotah stones with a leather finish. The rest is in natural anodized aluminum, glass, black granite and teak wood.

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