A house with exuberant curves in South Africa


When this property in Cape Town, South Africa, was bought by its new owners, it needed a complete renovation. The ARRCC studio rose to this challenge brilliantly, and the end result is a lesson in architecture and design.

In Cape Town, South Africa, under the direction of architects Mark Rielly and Jon Case, the ARRCC office has undertaken the restoration of a two-storey residence, built some ten years ago. For this, the designers had to keep the initial architectural signature, while increasing the living space. To meet these specifications, it was necessary to design a third floor of the villa, adding to its stature and substantially changing the facade. This is how this unique and fiery interior was born, with captivating details grafted into it, even exceeding the customer’s expectations. Indeed, as soon as one approaches the house, the magnificent structure unfolds its curved lines. The rounded walls set the tone for the organically shaped rooms. When the entrance hall opens, the senses are exposed to breathtaking views of the garden and the sea simultaneously. The furniture used comes from international brands, following a contemporary design style. Marble, granite, brushed stainless steel and bronze elements are chosen, in contrast to the immaculate white, omnipresent throughout the house.

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