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A house rooted in the desert

A house rooted in the desert


Located near Bend, in central Oregon, USA, this residence, designed by Portland-based architecture firm Hacker, is a sanctuary of peace and quiet. A balanced refuge in a high desert landscape, the home is simple yet imposing, open to a blue sky.

At nearly 400 square meters, this place, envisioned by Hacker Architects in the state of Oregon, USA, is ideal for a family getaway during the vacations or even for a long stay, summer or winter. Four bedrooms are meticulously connected to the common space by natural and fine elements, in addition to color variations and a wood design creating an original pattern in the heart of the surrounding area. The exterior, wrapped in cedar and crafted in steel and glass, gives the building a bold impression amidst a volcanic and shrubby estate. The simple, changing exterior planes and windows are carefully aligned so that each room has a framed view of the desert and sky, but not through the same opening. Interior spaces with an intimate feel and opaque elements are also fitted with cedar and glass from many angles, reinforcing the mixed inside-outside experience. A simple palette of white, black and natural wood provides a timeless backdrop for the owners’ personal collection of furniture, which dates back to mid-century. High priority functional technology is a major asset to ensure that each guest feels comfortable and in control of their environment without special instructions.

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