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A house in harmony with nature in the United States

A house in harmony with nature in the United States


Lost in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, United States, this contemporary residence is imagined by Blaze Makoid Architecture. Blending with the surrounding landscape, it combines beautiful volumes and clean lines with technical prowess.

It is in the heart of the mythical West of America, in the middle of the still unspoiled nature of the Jackson Hole valley, in the state of Wyoming, that the firm Blaze Makoid Architecture imagines this luxury retreat for a family of five people, all sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by the Teton Range and its snow-capped peaks, the sumptuous 804 m2 house exudes calm and serenity. Modern, the structure has a framework inspired by the local vernacular architecture and the climate of the region, known for its extremely cold winters and relatively mild summers. The cedar shingle roof is thus designed to withstand the snow in winter and blend into the landscape from the mountain, as the eaves extend to protect the walls covered with barn wood. A ribbon of rustic country stones runs the entire perimeter of the base of the building before adorning the chimneys and facades. A long covered driveway leads to the house on one level. The glass entrance hall connects and divides two wings into two floors. All in transparency, tastefully furnished, the interior devoid of artifices combines with the exterior to offer an incredible feeling of space and freedom and further enhance the decor. Escape guaranteed.

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