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A home with captivating views in Portugal

A home with captivating views in Portugal


Nu.Ma Architects has created a holiday home in Torreira, a small Portuguese coastal village. This region is characterized by its canals and its privileged location halfway between Lisbon and Porto.

Designed by Nu.Ma Architects, this home, located in Torreira, Portugal, is a stunning holiday home, which takes advantage of its picturesque surroundings, including views of the Aveiro estuary and forest. The objective of the project was to create a single space to store all of the client’s nautical equipment, while maintaining visual permeability for the main house. The architects then built a two-story building. The accentuated topology of the site in relation to the street led them to build the residence in such a way that it fits perfectly into the land and appears as a unique piece in the landscape. This design choice facilitates access to the building, with the possibility of entering at base level and reaching the basement via a gently sloping ramp. The spatial layout is carefully planned to ensure functional separation between floors. The ground floor houses the main part, which includes the social spaces such as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the sanitary and private facilities such as the bedrooms and their bathrooms. In the basement, there is the technical storage area for all nautical equipment, a major feature of the building. By taking into account the morphological conditions of the site and the client’s needs, the designers created a holiday oasis open to magnificent views.

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