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A home in the heart of the Argentinean pampas

A home in the heart of the Argentinean pampas

Besonias Almeida Arquitectos designed an impressive home for a young couple whose lines echo the surrounding environment. Unclassifiable, the building, located in Argentina, near Pilar, creates a landscape of its own, defined by the textured concrete and the wooden slats of québracho on its facades.

Entrusted to Besonias Almeida Arquitectos, this sublime building is located a few minutes from Pilar, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the request of the owners, a young couple without children, it is designed to reflect the charm and spirit of a one-story country house, while being imbued with the complex contemporary spatial logic of the studio. Built in a country club setting developed on the plains of the Pampa, on an irregular corner plot, subtly elevated from its surroundings and featuring a gentle meandering flow, it captivates with its distinctive aesthetic combining modernism and rusticity with sustainable materials. Inviting to relaxation, the villa, perfectly integrated in the paradisiacal landscape, is distinguished above all by the play between the panels of québracho wood and their patterns reflected on the numerous textured concrete surfaces. A play that gives the structure its character marked by a strong sense of linear perspective. Reconciling all the constraints posed, the architects have thought the construction as a large singular mass. From there, sculpted subtractions of the dwelling, structured along its orthogonal grid, allowed for the formation of internal courtyards and water features at varying scales. In doing so, the boundaries between the tastefully furnished interior, where concrete, wood and glass are combined, and the lush exterior, are abolished.

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