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A home between openness and privacy

A home between openness and privacy


Located on the rolling terrain of West Lake Hills in Austin, Texas, this magnificent contemporary home is designed by KOA-Keyes Office of Architecture, and takes advantage of the view of the surrounding trees, while guaranteeing privacy on the street side.

Located in Austin, Texas, and designed by the American firm KOA-Keyes Office of Architecture, this superb 604 m2 residence enjoys an idyllic setting, composed mainly of treetops. The aim was to create a home that is private from the street but overlooks the hills. The upper level is laid out so as to be visually open to the outside and brimming with fresh air. The ribbon window design also allows unobstructed views of the landscape, and the entire upper level is lined with balconies for added openness. During the spring and autumn months, the home is transformed into a loft suspended between sky and earth, where fresh air flows freely. An entrance volume separates the living space from street level. Clad in stone, it serves as an anchor for the more private areas. Particular care has been taken to reflect natural light, balancing the amount that enters each room and eliminating the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. The large kitchen enjoys two natural landscapes at once: the hills on one side and the garden on the other. The angular roof reflects the slope of the original site, while the body of the building is clad in black metal panels and cedar soffits. The superimposition of these structures is visible from the street, and inside, the concept shifts from attention to volumetric elements to life in and above the trees.

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