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A futuristic residence between sky and sea

A futuristic residence between sky and sea


Designer Waldo Fernandez and architect Michael Kovac collaborated on the renovation of a beach house planted in the heart of Malibu, California. Imbued with the futuristic character of architect John Lautner, it embraces original geometric concepts reminiscent of the new mid-century style with curves and free forms.

Classic and modernist, the building, located in Malibu, California, boasts a special feature at the request of its owner, a long-time avid swimmer. The real challenge for architect Michael Kovac of Kovac Design Studio was to reincorporate the state-of-the-art remodeled pool inside without a wake, with concrete and retractable glass delineating the boundaries between sky and sea. At first glance, the building appears imposing with its sculpted wooden walls and remarkable bay windows that let the light flood in and brighten the gray winter days. The huge surfaces, stained in particular with the color of light wood, are adorned with artistic architectural motifs. The kitchen, the open center of the whole, is resplendent with woodwork structures and an attention to detail that extends to its utensils. The style is exported to the outside. Outside, the large courtyard is transformed into a relaxation area, a terrace with lounge chairs. Everything is designed according to avant-garde standards to meet the needs of the inhabitants. During the renovation, a multimedia room, larger bedrooms and a home office were added. With its innovative architecture and special charm, this home is a true masterpiece to behold.

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