A fabulous and bright building


An example of modern architecture, this house, created by the Swatt Miers architecture studio, is located in Lafayette, California. Designed for warm and peaceful family life, it features a direct connection between the outdoor gardens and the gathering spaces, for a magnificent view.

Replacing an existing structure, old and unsuitable for the site, the residence, located in Lafayette, California, was created by architectural studio Swatt Miers. Bordered by a year-round creek, it is surrounded by a verdant landscape for a fabulous exterior. Perfectly integrated into its surroundings, it reuses the footprint of a previous house as a key design. Specifically for an extended family, it is distinguished by a solid connection between the interior and the exterior. Large roof terraces overlook the gardens below. Additionally, multiple gathering spaces enjoy unique destinations for outdoor family living. For their part, the architects took advantage of the original infrastructure, minimizing new grading and drainage to eliminate the need for a landscape screen. Existing plantations, such as giant sequoias and oaks, were saved. The materials used are warm and natural, including western red cedar for the cladding, some interior walls and ceilings, as well as travertine for the walls, floors and terraces. Windows and doors are custom made from Douglas fir, stained to match the cedar cladding. The spatial qualities of this property make it an ideal retreat from the daily noise of the city.

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