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A country-style construction

A country-style construction


Nestled in the heart of Idaho’s Sun Valley Forest, this house, built by de Reus Architects, celebrates the main career of its designer, Mark de Reus, who signs here his family home. Thirty-five years of work gave birth to this original personal work.

In the heart of an aspen forest in Idaho’s Sun Valley, in the United States, stands the home of architect Mark de Reus, who draws on his thirty-five years of experience in the field. Innovation, unpredictability and clarity of design are the specific themes of this project. The Reus team has focused on the use of natural materials, with attention to detail, craftsmanship and habitability. The house consists of two simple and practical buildings: a two-story agricultural barn for the living spaces and a flat-roofed engaged structure for the garage, storage and terrace. To harmonize and complement the forest setting which dominates the site, the designer opts for dark colors for the building’s exterior. Black stained Douglas fir wood cladding, graphite gray standing seam metal roof, windows covered in black aluminum and black metal garage doors… The interior ambiance is reminiscent of a modern cabin with rustic oak flooring, a light white pine finish and a blackened steel fireplace dominating the living room. Original, the place is a blend of old and new styles, combining the mountain setting with city life.

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