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A contemporary villa in Beverly Hills

A contemporary villa in Beverly Hills

A contemporary villa in Beverly Hills image

In the middle of the green hills of the Benedict Canyon region, in Beverly Hills, California, the American studio Whipple Russell Architects designs an exceptional contemporary villa, open to the beauty of its environment and ensuring all the ingredients for luxury and refinement.

In the very select district of Benedict Canyon, in Beverly Hills, California, the architectural firm Whipple Russell Architects, under the direction of Marc Whipple, imagined an extraordinary residence, which extends over 880 m2. The client, from the world of sport, wanted to have an open and fun place, but also a photography studio and a gallery space suitable for hanging his artistic works. In collaboration with entrepreneur Barry Chase of CMF Homebuilders and with the help of interior designer Linda Dahan of Highfire Interior Design, the magnificent residence was created. The architects initially had well-clear, elevated land, but a three-meter-high retaining wall had to be built in order to create a solid level block for construction. A spiral driveway leads to the property, then opening onto the entrance walkway. The main living room is built on the side of the hill and surrounded by glass on three sides, creating an intoxicating panorama and a floating effect. As for the roof terrace, it allows you to continue living outdoors, while offering breathtaking views, two essential ingredients on the west coast.


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