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A construction that embraces nature

A construction that embraces nature

Perched atop a hill on the southern bank of the Bug River in Ukraine, this Bogdanova Bureau home is a sight to behold. Nestled amidst a pristine landscape in the Vinnytsia region, it is meticulously designed for a family who decided to move out of the city and get closer to nature.

Located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, the 572 m2 building is functionally divided into two wings, each with its own function. While the eastern area includes living spaces, a kitchen and a dressing room, the western one houses a pool, a sauna and a spa. In the middle is an atrium, on which grows an oak tree, symbol of the family. The main part of the whole interior is the double-height living room, where there is a Focus fireplace and a light fixture made of several brass tubes, reminiscent of the traditional Chinese wind chime decoration. The rooms are virtually unadorned. All communications are integrated into the smart home system. This approach reflects the personality of the owners, rational people who plan their lives efficiently and prefer modern technological solutions. The bedrooms resemble luxurious hotel rooms and are carefully comfortable and emotionally neutral. The color palette of calm gray and beige expands the warm shade of walnut wood. The most significant decorative accent is the green frame of live plants on the corbel around the second floor glass railing. A spacious terrace on the perimeter of the villa has a seating area furnished with lounge chairs, a dining area and a small garden with trees, shrubs and a lawn. The biggest challenge for Bogdanova Bureau was the time constraints. It took eleven months from pouring the foundation to delivery. The construction of a concrete frame building, including all the technical difficulties, interior design and preparation for habitation, is a huge job. From an engineering point of view, the challenge was to build a 16 meter long pool, partially extending outside for year-round use, ensuring that the water temperature inside and outside remained the same, as the house is located in a continental climate zone, where the annual temperature difference reaches 60°C. The gazebo, connected to the terrace by a 15 meter long bridge, is an incredible space for meditation, reflection and relaxation, making this home a dream place to stay.

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