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A chic and functional house

A chic and functional house

In Kiev, Ukraine, the architecture studio Andrey Sokruta Workshop deploys its talents as a space designer to breathe a special identity into this private residence. Resolutely contemporary, the structure is a real eye-catcher. It seduces above all with its sober and minimalist interior.

Impossible to resist the charm of this residence with its assertive style, a real gem nestled in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. Entrusted to the expert hands of designer and architect Andrey Sokruta, the house, intended for sale, is divided into two large parallelepipeds, which are in perpendicular contact with each other. The first floor lies along the street, while the upper one is opposite to it, thus creating canopies supported by columns. Both overhangs have their own function, an shelter for two parking spaces and, from the side of the courtyard, the canopy is a roof for the lower terrace and an exit from the kitchen. Striving to minimize non-functional areas and exploit every nook and cranny, the designers have, during the work, ensured the unity of the whole, so that the exterior and interior continue in each other stylistically, formally and textured. For example, wood-like tiles on the facade also penetrate the interior, which is visible from the street through a large panoramic window. Neutral and minimalist, the interior universe is elegant and attractive. Combining modern furnishings, patterns and trendy colors, it reflects a work of detail that has largely borne fruit in view of the result.

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