A breathtaking residence in Poland


Architect Pawel Naduk, from 77STUDIO, has created a home with a green roof on the bank of the Vistula River in Warsaw, Poland. The building is an example of conscious use of unique natural values. The horizontal block develops almost into the green slope and establishes a dialogue with the river, which becomes an important point of reference.

Designed by Pawel Naduk of 77STUDIO, this modern and spacious house is located on the bank of the Vistula River in the central region of Poland. The land on which it is built overlooks the river and the Mazovian plains, which stretch to the horizon. The building is integrated into the escarpment. The plot that descends the slope towards the river reveals, every few meters, a distinct perspective of the vast panorama on the hill at lower, more intimate places. The different levels, like layers of earth, penetrate this inclination and become almost invisible from the opposite side of the platform. The block is lost in the environment, becoming barely perceptible, for more privacy. Architecture does not compete with the landscape. Nature surrounds the building and even goes up to the roof with an open natural garden. The residence stretches panoramic along the shore. Even the infinity pool, adjacent to the living room and bedroom, drowns in the river. The effect of the final connection of the structure with the existing landscape is achieved; the Vistula seems to infiltrate the interior. The terrace, surrounded by water, is suspended like a wooden bridge. On the distribution side, a living room with a dining room, a kitchen, an office and a master bedroom with bathroom are located on the intermediate level, exposed to the landscape. The other rooms are located on the lowest level, with direct access to the garden. The interior extends into the materials. The larch ceiling cladding goes inside, creating a ceiling in the house, a kitchen cabinet, and returns outside, in the form of a terrace on the river side.

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