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A bold architectural marvel in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas

A bold architectural marvel in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas


Nestled in Las Vegas, USA, this property, conceived by design studio Daniel Joseph Chenin Ltd. promotes an integrated and cinematic approach to architecture. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding Red Rock Canyon, it embraces an active lifestyle in a special environment.

Original, the house, located in Las Vegas, USA, is the masterpiece of the award-winning design studio Daniel Joseph Chenin Ltd. Built like a fortress, it recalls ancient times, while standing out, however, with its contemporary and warm appearance. Moreover, the construction includes an entrance rotunda with a conical shape, contrasting with the straight lines of the living spaces. Like a refreshing desert mirage, the running water from the stone fountain at the low level transforms the atmosphere into a kind of magic, with breathtaking views of the adjoining lands. In addition, this architecture adapted to the warm climate recalls some of the housing structures of the pioneers of the 19th century. The idea of a stacked rock location, similar to the forts built by settlers of the time, really resonated with our modern world. Robust and raw on the outside, the project is refined and detailed on the inside, with a singular vision of each element, including colors and textures. An oasis integrated into its environment, the residence is finished with materials such as weathered and hot-rolled steel with travertine, to integrate the place well into its environment. Emerging quite naturally from the desert, the dwelling is a modern anthem, combining, at the same time, new and old times.

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