The Mist Hot Spring Resort in China

Le Mist Hot Spring Resort image

In China, in Henan province, the Chinese studio Department of Architecture Co. Ltd. has designed Mist Hot Spring Resort, an exceptional hotel dedicated to spa treatments, entirely focused on the theme of water in all its forms, from dew drop to steam.

Mist Hot Spring Resort is located in Xuchang Prefecture, 100 km from Zhengzhou, a capital of the Chinese province of Henan. This region of China is considered the most famous hot spring destination in the country since the Tang Dynasty era over a millennium ago. During the four winter months, spa guests from across the country visit its abundant hot springs. Designed by the Department of Architecture Co. Ltd., under the direction of Amata Luphaiboon and Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum, the hotel aims to represent a new landmark of Henan, which will attract national and international travelers throughout the year. The project aims to create a unique way of tinting the guest experience, with layers of transparent colors floating in the air. The facade is lined with a lattice structure, inspired by Chinese bamboo scaffolding, filled with shades of blue and magenta. This system gives depth and complexity to the facade, floods the interior spaces with lively light and illuminates the dark sky when viewed from the inside. Natural phenomena linked to mist and water are installed everywhere in the building, offering a unique sensual experience.


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