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AXOR Citterio: an icon of modern bathroom design

AXOR Citterio: an icon of modern bathroom design


A design classic newly interpreted: with Italian designer Antonio Citterio, AXOR presents a style update of the iconic AXOR Citterio bathroom collection from 2003 at the Hansgrohe Group Aqua Days. Understated yet unmistakably luxurious, with distinctive flat surfaces that brilliantly reflect the light, AXOR Citterio celebrates the preciousness of water itself. With its balanced proportions and elegant geometries, the collection is perfectly suited to any bathroom ambience. It comprises an exceptionally wide range of products and options, including faucets in different handle styles – pin, cross handle, original lever handle and a new lever handle that is even more precise, intuitive and easy to use. The extensive array allows for endless individual solutions within a consistent, geometric design language. AXOR Citterio comes in classic chrome and an array of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus PVD surfaces, including Polished Black Chrome and Brushed Gold Optic. As an option, the new lever handle is available in the luxurious 3D surface pattern “rhombic cut”.

Design: Geometric Precision
In its geometric precision and monumentality, AXOR Citterio conveys the spirit of Italian neoclassical architecture. A perfect symbiosis of design and functionality, the collection is characterized by the harmonious interplay of right angles and circular curves. Quality of manufacture is evident in the strikingly flat surfaces and smooth joins and transitions, while the versatility of the design is reflected in a remarkably broad assortment of products, including mixers in multiple heights and installation types, different versions of escutcheons or plates, and three different styles of handle – pin, cross or lever. Even more precise and easy to use, the new ‘floating’ lever handle continues the AXOR Citterio design language while offering the possibility of the luxurious 3D surface pattern “rhombic cut”.

“Luxury is quality. Not just the perception of quality, but true quality. Anyone can do a tube, but when you have the flat surfaces of AXOR Citterio, it is not an easy process, and luxury is in the quality of the execution. It’s a simple shape, but you feel quality. Those who enjoy celebrating the daily ritual of washing should do so with beautiful objects such as AXOR Citterio,” says Antonio Citterio.

Product Range
The AXOR Citterio range comprises 70 products, ensuring individual solutions for every bathroom design, all within a consistent design language. At the wash basin, the collection offers one-hole and three-hole faucets in varying heights, as well as wall-mounted two-hole and three-hole varieties. At the bathtub, the wide assortment includes a monumental floor-standing faucet with a hand-held shower and products for wall, rim or tile mounting, as well as exposed and concealed installation options. The collection’s offering for the shower includes two showerpipes with either a single lever or a thermostat, an overhead shower, thermostats for exposed and concealed installation, and a range of diverter and shut-off valves. AXOR Citterio is perfectly complemented by the AXOR Universal Accessories range and by a wide selection of products from the AXOR Showers assortment. Available in a variety of AXOR FinishPlus PVD surfaces, the collection can be individualized for any bathroom setting.

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